American Abstract and Title Company, Inc. received its corporate charter as a title insurance company on September 10, 1975 and has been a business in Killeen, Texas since that time. Betty L. Langford, who has been active in the real estate and title insurance industry since 1954, and Frank Roberts, a Killeen real estate lawyer since 1965, acquired ownership of American Abstract in 1978, and they were joined by Burk Roberts, attorney at law, in 1993, and Craig Langford in 2008.

Since Title Insurance rates (all title companies charge exactly the same premium rates), rules and forms are regulated by the Texas Department of Insurance, the only difference between Title companies in Texas is in the quality of service and level of expertise. Because our commitment and our philosophy always has been, and is, to be accessible and responsive to all our customers' needs, American Abstract and Title Company, Inc. has distinguished itself by providing excellent service and sound expertise to our valued customers, whether they be buyers, sellers, realtors, lenders and attorneys, in all types of real estate transactions, commercial and residential.

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