Standard Fee Schedule
Effective June 1, 2014

1) Escrow Fees:
Cash Transaction $250.00
Residential Closing $550.00
Refinance $300.00
Home Equity Closing $375.00
Bank Loan $250.00
Interim Closing $200.00
Interim Closing with Lot Purchase $250.00
Mechanic's Lien Closing $350.00
Titling Fee for Manufactured Home $200.00
Rework Fee $100.00
No Title Search $500.00
2) Tax Certificate $10.00 per parcel (Bell County)
3) Recording Fee
-$11.00 for 1st page and $4.00 for each additional page per document (Bell County)
-E-Recording - $3.00 per document
4) Policy Premium
-Based on promulgated rate chart by the sales price and/or loan amount
5) Courier/Federal Express Fees
-$15.00 for payoff, each way on seller package, net check to seller
-$20.00 return lender package, each way on purchaser/borrower package
6) There will be a research fee of $20.00 per request to pull closed files to obtain copies of surveys, closing statements and payment information for invoices

For Informational Purposes

Surveys- If you require the no shortages in area on your policy, we will require an existing survey be received in our office prior to closing for review by our underwriting attorney to determine if acceptable. We will have the borrower/owner sign an affidavit stating that no changes have been made. If you do not have a survey or cannot acquire one, you or your customer will need to order the survey.